SOCAP Hair Extension Straight 20" - Human Remy hair - EXCLUSIVE DELUXE 10 pcs/pack each pc 1 gram

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SOCAP Hair Extension Straight 20" - Human Remy hair - Exclusive DELUXE 

10 pcs/pack with 1 pc = 1 gram

 Exclusive Deluxe Line hair extensions from Socap Original come 10 pieces per pack with each piece a full gram.
Our newest in high quality extensions.
The Exclusive Deluxe line has full thick pieces with 1 gram of hair per hair extension. You need fewer extensions to create a voluminous effect. These hair extensions are double drawn, which means that the points are double thick. They are made from 100% human hair from India, featuring high quality natural keratin tips that ensure perfect attachment of the extensions.
Advantages of Exclusive 1 gram extensions
• Strands are thicker, so you need less extensions to make a full super thick head of hair.
• Because you are adding fewer extensions, you save time for a wonderful result.
• These hair extensions are specially recommended for customers who have thick hair, as the transition of their own hair is minimal.
• The hair maintains the high quality that you are used to with Socap Original. We use only 100% Human Remy Hair from India to ensure the most natural look and feel.
• Strong natural keratin tips allow you to warm up perfectly.
• Extensions are easy to install and easy to remove with our Socap Original liquid remover.
Because it’s 100% Human Remy Hair, you can style it as you would natural hair. Remy Hair is tied before cutting so all the strands are of the same kind and color, with the cuticles going in the same direction from root to tip.
Once in our laboratories, the hair is processed using our Natural Remy Hair System which protects the integrity of the cuticle. The hair is gently treated to preserve the health and vitality of the hair. You end up with soft, tangle free hair that is easy to style.

Additional Info

  • 20"
  • Natural Keratin Tip
  • Pack of 10 strands


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