Your Client’s Healthy Addiction

Build Your Salon Clientele With Professional Hair Extensions For Loyal, Repeat Business!

Hair Extensions are now an essential salon and spa service that will help you grow your business and advance your career. You will build your clientele and create your perfect salon client by offering professional hair extension services. Robin Meyer, owner of Hair By Robin of Naperville, IL shares, “I’ve been offering hair extensions since 2004. All of my hair extension clientele are still very excited about their hair, even those who have had hair extensions for years. I tell my clients that hair extensions are addicting and that they won’t ever want to take them out!”

Hair Extensions Offer Creative Versatility:

Meyer uses So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions, which offer the finest quality human Remi hair. The line is processed in Italy with the best techniques to protect the integrity of the hair cuticle. Hair extensions are well known for the ability to create instantly long hair, yet are also perfect for creating texture and adding non chemical haircolor. Meyer notes that clients can create any new hairstyle they want with the use of hair extensions. She says, “Hair extensions aren’t always for long hair. For those who have fine or thin hair, they can add instant volume. I have clients who simply want to add fullness to a short, thick bob. Or, some clients want big 80’s style hair with layered volume. When a client wants a particular hairstyle and I think hair extensions will help her achieve that look, I’ll definitely advise her to get them. I love to upsell hair extensions and love the transformation that it creates for the client. They get so excited about their new looks, which makes me excited. Then, they go out and tell all their girlfriends!” Meyer has approximately 30 regular hair extension clients and will get a new referral every six months or so. She says, “Once they get the hair extensions, they stay on as regular clients. I’ll even have clients who get the extensions taken out or cut their hair and they return, wanting their long hair back.”

Become A Certified Hair Extensionist:

By becoming a certified hair extentionist you can create a niche service for yourself, increasing your service tickets and retail profits. Meyer wears the extensions herself and when a client shows interest, she gives them a few starter pieces. She says, “When I want a client to try out extensions to see if they like them, I’ll just put in less than I typically would. I’ll offer to put 25 to 30 pieces in the back just to introduce them and see if they like the extra volume they’ll have. This method has always worked to get the client interested.” Meyer provides a full consultation so that clients understand the commitment that hair extensions entail. She says, “I provide clients with full details on caring for the hair extensions properly, how long it takes for the application, what the maintenance will be until their next visit, how to care for the extensions day to day, what products they can use and how to style their hair. For example, if they get 75 to 100 extensions then they will have doubled the amount of hair they used to have. It will take more products and more time to style. If you’ve never had long or thick hair you won’t realize that it takes more time to blow dry, brush and style. Yet you will absolutely love the results!” Meyer sees clients approximately every three months to reapply the hair extensions, with free maintenance touchups and haircuts in between their reapplication.

Educate Your Clients:

Meyer has never seen any damage on a clients’ hair due to hair extensions. She shares, “Hair extensions may have had a bad rap in the past, because it was believed they could damage hair. By using high quality professional hair extensions with proper applications and maintenance, that will not be the case. If I take my client’s extensions out, she will have the exact same hair that she began with. I instruct my clients how to care for their extensions. I show them how to blow dry, flat iron and to brush properly. Some people cause damage because they are rough with their hair extensions! You should not treat your natural hair roughly and clients should be taught to be extra gentle with their hair extensions.”

Solutions To Challenges:

Some of Meyer’s favorite clients have included women recovering from breast cancer and medical challenges. She shares, “My clients who have undergone chemotherapy and lost their hair first came in to arrange for the extensions. We waited for their hair to grow out enough for an application at approximately four inches. They went from wearing a wig, to having very short hair to having long hair again instantly. I applied 100 to 200 hair extension grafts on them. They wore their hair short until their real hair grew longer and then gradually, we didn’t need as many pieces. Many cried afterwards with excitement, because they were able to have their hair back again. It was a pretty incredible experience.”

Discover Beauty You Will Believe In!

For more information on So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions or to register for a certification workshop, call 305-573-0901, email [email protected] or visit For a complimentary consultation, visit their main office and showroom at 3550 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 506, Miami, FL 33137 USA or their west coast office at 1750 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 USA, 415-954-7198. For more information on Hair By Robin, contact Robin Meyers at [email protected] or visit her for a complimentary consultation at 1037 Magnolia Lane, Naperville, IL 60540.