Hair Extension Possibilities Are Endless

There Is No Limit To The Clients Who Benefit From Hair Extension Makeovers

Miami, FL There is no perfect age for hair extensions, according to Nichole Corrington, owner of the Capelli Hair Studio in Decatur, IL. She shares, “My hair extensions clients have varied in age, up to age 70! There is no limit to the age range. It just depends on what the individual is looking for. The versatility of extensions is great. You can instantly add new length, haircolor highlights or thickness. I have clients who just have the hair extensions put in the sides of their hair. It makes a huge transformation.”

Do Your Homework:

Corrington notes that the most important thing hairstylists should consider before becoming a hair extensionist is getting the right training for professional hair extensions. She says, “Education is key! There are too many hairstylists trying to apply hair extensions without the proper training. They may end up causing damage and not have returning clients. I have taken a lot of classes and done a lot of research.” Corrington always first educates her clients with an initial consultation, where she relays the options as well as the importance of proper maintenance care between salon visits. She says, “I would actually refuse service at some point, if my clients didn’t properly take care of their extensions! My name is on their head. I don’t want anything to go wrong because of their improper haircare maintenance. I want to make sure that they use the correct professional products and come in to see me every four weeks for their maintenance check. After applying hair extensions for over five years, I have still personally never had any issues with damage to a client’s hair.”

Damaged Or Thinning Hair:

Hair extensions may have gotten a reputation for causing damage in the past, yet the facts are that extensions can actually help hair recover from past damage. Corrington says, “I have a client who has been coming to me for about five years. She was a bleachaholic. She couldn’t stay away from bleach and her hair was pure white. She had also used glue-on extensions that had damaged her hair. I got her away from bleach and we use keratin tip bonded extensions. It has taken a bit of time. Her hair is now 100% healthy and it has never looked better.” Clients with thin and thinning hair will also be helped with the use of hair extensions. Corrington gives her clients a full consultation first to ensure their hair is strong enough to hold extensions. “I often break the hair extensions bonds into smaller micro bonds, so they are not so heavy on the hair strands and they look more natural,” she says. Corrington also uses a professional shake-on hair fiber product on the roots of the hair to increase the thickness and volume.

Client Communication:

Corrington sees her clients every four weeks for maintenance checks. What is the most important thing she relays to clients? “That they need to listen to every word I tell them about taking care of their hair extensions once they leave my chair!” she laughs. Proper maintenance care is vital and clients must ensure that each individual bond is not knotting up or wrapping around each other, to avoid any damage. She recommends a daily treatment of argon oil and a deep conditioning treatment during their salon visits. She says, “I am 100% honest with clients. I will always tell them if they need to add extensions in a particular area to get the results they want for a particular hairstyle. The reactions are usually ecstatic. I tell my clients they are addicting!” Corrington uses Facebook to help promote the hair extension services and clients often post their before & after photographs.

Business Builders:

Corrington shares that becoming a professional hair extensionist working with So.Cap. Hair Extensions USA. It has helped to build her business and grow her career. Corrington says, “Becoming a hair extensionist has helped me to gain a lot of confidence, as well as to help others feel more confident about themselves. It really makes you feel like you’ve done something to change somebody’s life.” In Corrington’s area of Illinois, hair extensions have taken a bit of time to catch on. Yet she is now enjoying their growth and popularity. She says, “We’ve seen tremendous growth in our hair extensions business and it will just keep getting bigger. People used to be reluctant to talk about their hair extensions. Yet now they show them off like crazy. They post photos of themselves online and share the results with friends, which helps build our clientele.”

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Nichole Corrington, Owner of the Capelli Hair Studio in Decatur, IL