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Miami, FL Brides-to-be are one of the favorite clients of Lyndsey Paradis, owner of Salon Couture of Southington in Southington, CT. Paradis relays, “We do a lot of hair extensions before weddings, so women with fine hair can get that full updo or any longer hairstyle that they want. We really love to be able to offer brides a chance to have that fuller, thicker hair that they see in magazines and wedding books. It’s great to be able to provide options, so brides can have the dream hairstyles they will love for their wedding!” Paradis has also facilitated hair extensions for fashion shows and has had her makeover photographs published in the professional Passion Stylebooks.

Grow Your Career:

Paradis relays that becoming a hair extensionist has helped her grow her business and her professional career. She shares, “Hair extensions are bigger ticket items and give you higher daily sales. Ninety-nine percent of the time, your clients love their new extra body and length. They will become regular extension clients!” Before becoming a hair extensionist, Paradis recommends beauty professionals get the proper certification training. You must practice to ensure that you will have the patience and attention to detail needed to apply hair extensions successfully. She advises that the client’s hair should be thoroughly cleansed and clarified before each hair extension application, to properly remove all the oils and buildup that may impede the hair extensions from adhering properly.

Client Consultations:

You must always first provide a thorough hair extensions consultation to each client. Paradis says, “The key things to relay in consultations are the quality and prices of your services as well as the importance of proper haircare maintenance. Clients need to be taught how to care for their hair extensions at home and the necessity of coming in regularly for touch-ups. Your clients should be prepared for extra time in their haircare regimen, as they will have more hair to care for.” Paradis shares that ideal hair extensions’ candidates should be prepared for the commitment to extensions, be invested in their hair and be the type of client who frequents the salon on a regular basis. She sees her hair extension clients every 8 to 12 weeks, with some clients coming in for haircolor touchups every 4 to 6 weeks.

Healthier Results:

Hair extensions have allowed clients with fine and thin hair to have the desired extra volume they lack and have at times even improved the health of their natural hair. Paradis adds, “We had a client who had been going to a salon to get what she thought were fusion hair extensions. They were cheaper glue-on hair extensions that caused damage and thinning. She thought she had premature hair loss, yet it was actually just the hair extensions causing bald spots on her head. She has been coming to us for three years and her hair is now completely back to normal. She gets her professional salon hair extensions for length and doesn’t need them for fullness anymore.”

Build Your Clientele:

Paradis offers her clients a referral program where discounts for the next hair extension appointment will be given for every three new clients referred. She says, “We regularly build our clientele as our clients’ friends notice them going instantly from short hair to longer, fuller hair in a day! Our clients always tell their friends about their new look and they quickly become positive referrals.” Paradis will sometimes do a trial run with clients who are interested in hair extensions by applying a few strands of bonded extensions, so they can see how they feel. She will also have clients try clip-on hair extensions, so they can feel the weight of the hair. Her advice to hairstylists interested in becoming hair extensionists: “If you don’t have the education you need, you may be improperly applying the extensions and the client won’t want to try them again. Be sure to get the proper professional training, certification and support to achieve the best results.”

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