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This new way of earning points does not affect the your VIP Rewards Program, all the points are added up for the end of the year reward. This is just a new, easy way to gain more rewards all year long not just at the end!

I've had hair extensions for 9 years and this is by far THE best quality extensions out there! The hair is so thick beautiful and tangle free. Love that all the hair was the same length! It is the only one I will ever use again!
- Gee
There is a very noticeable difference in my opinion from the Classic Line Vs. Eclectica in that the colored hair appears softer and stays smooth for a longer period of time!
- Michelle
Socap knocks it out of the park again! I am so pleased I have Top quality hair to offer my long hair lovers!! And an amazing price helps everyone look beautiful in a tough economy..thanks Socap!!!!
- Maddy
Consistent color, and quality. Love it. Very high quality. Excellent customer service.This is the best hair on the market.SOCAP extension and found this line to last longer, less shedding, and the texture was very smooth!
- Tasheena Turko
I purchased SOCAP Eclectica extensions and I am so happy with them! Before I put them in my hair I could tell they were good quality. They made my hair so much thicker and softer! I love them! I will be purchasing SOCAP from here on out!
- Desiree