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Miami, FL What type of difference can professional hair extensions make in your clients’ lives? Emmett Henley, owner and educational director of the Vasuda Salon in Seattle, WA relays that hair extensions helped one of his high profile clients get a professional cheerleading job. “We had a client who had tried out multiple times for the Seattle Seahawks NFL cheerleading squad, the Sea Gals. She had tried hair extensions before, but I told her she really needed extensions that would move and swing with her dance routines. After her So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions makeover, she made the Seahawks team!”

Makeovers For Every Woman:

You don’t have to be a professional cheerleader to get hair extensions. However, most any woman is a perfect hair extensions candidate. Henley says, “It’s like asking who would like the perfect purse or pair of designer shoes? Any woman can be a candidate. Hair extensions are for someone who wants length, more body, texture and fullness or even someone who would like haircolor, but perhaps doesn’t want to commit to the chemical services. If your client would like to try out bangs just for the summer or wants a little alteration in her style, hair extensions are always the perfect choice!”

As professional salon hair extensions give hairstylists more hair to work with, many new hairstyles can be tried out that may not have been possible before. Henley adds, “We are seeing a lot of body and bounce in the hair now, with a return to wavy looks from the 1920s and 30s, which are really helped by extensions. We are creating many hairstyle designs with two-toned ombre hair extensions and with painted on balayage highlighting. Clients may not want to bleach out the ends of their natural hair to create these looks. They also may not have enough hair for the ombre looks to work well. A lighter colored hair extension at the bottom of the hair strands will supplement the complete look. Your client will get used to the new fullness and then will almost always want to continue getting hair extensions.”

Education Is Vital:

Henley has been a successful hair extensionist for 10 years. He shares that his education and an educational approach for your clients are the most important parts of becoming a recognized expert. Know your products and your tools well. Become comfortable with the application process, so that you can confidently recommend your new services to clients. He shares, “It is important to not only learn the proper installation techniques, but also to learn how to educate our clients. Most people still don’t realize how easy and prominent hair extensions have become. You need to relay the different options with hair extensions, for instantly added fullness or haircolor as well as length. Learn to charge what the service is worth, with regards to your time and experience. The most vital part of the actual application process is to develop a plan. Know where you will be putting extensions and how to make them as undetectable as possible. Have a complete vision of what the application will look like after you finish the service.”
Another crucial step is to first educate the client on the home haircare maintenance program that their new hair extensions will require. Henley’s clients return in 3 to 4 weeks for a maintenance service, when they will discuss hairstyle options or challenges. Henley says, “Typical challenges may be styling or washing their hair extensions improperly. Clients need to know that they may now have twice as much hair as they did before. They will need to know how to care for and treat their hairstyling options differently. Someone who has had only short hair will need to get used to more care and maintenance. Their hair will need to be gently brushed with a special hair extensions brush to avoid tangles. I recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase for the best results.”

Healthy Results:

Hair extensions will also help your clients with damaged, fine or thinner hair to boost volume and get healthier results. Clients who want haircolor, but do not have healthy enough hair for the service because of past chemical damage can use extensions. Hair extensions will act as an anchor or protective piece for damaged hair and help to fortify the hair for healthier results. For fine or thinner hair, a few added hair extensions will boost volume and give clients a lot more hair to style and curl. The amount of hair extensions used will add more body and lift. Hair that is hard to style due to thinness will be given extra texture for added volume. Henley relays that becoming an extensionist has allowed him to grow as a hairstylist. He shares, “Adding hair extensions to my services has allowed me to offer my clients more options. Instead of having to wait for the hair to grow out for a year to achieve a new hairstyle, we can do it immediately with hair extensions. As an artist, it gives me a greater range of capabilities. I have the ability to make women look beautiful, get the specific look they want for their hair and provide fantastic results!”

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