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Guide to colour matching your hair extensions


Remember that time in the ’90s when style icon Victoria Beckham wore hair extensions that didn’t remotely match her hair tone? Fine, we know that the ’90s was a harsh time for all things fashion related. However, you don’t want to be looking back on your pictures from today and say, ‘what was I thinking?’ Hair extensions should be THE best-kept secret and you always want to make sure they look natural and enhance your look.
To avoid further fashion disasters, we’ve put together a helpful guide to outline the process of how you or your stylist can go about to achieve the perfect colour match to your hair extensions.

First, consider the tones in your natural hair; are they cool or warm-toned and do you have multiple shades such as highlights running through the hair? You may use a picture of yourself in a clear light, preferably showing the back and the ends of your hair, to help you decide.

Colour rings

Use colour rings if available. These are sample sizes of hair extensions that will easily help you compare different shades to accurately match it to the tones in your hair. If you are a hairstylist, make sure these are protected from light exposure and replace them every two years to ensure your sample is true to colour.

Next, match the sample colour to your hair by starting halfway down the hair shaft to the ends. Never match it to the roots (rookie mistake). Remember that your hair will sit just on top of the extensions. Thus, the aim is that these blend more towards the ends of your hair than to your roots.

Professional help

Ultimately, seeking help from your favourite professional hairstylist will help you ensure a perfect colour match. They have much more experience and will have a better view of your hair from all angles. Likewise, the application type, customized by a professional, makes a big difference when it comes to colour matching. The hairstylist will strive to replicate your overall shade, accommodating for any differentiation that might occur with the colour of your hair; i.e. the front sections are naturally lighter than the back, (which you normally don’t see).

Multi-dimensional hairstyles

For some women, matching the colour of their hair is a walk in the park; yet, most of us love to stay on trend with multi-dimensional hairstyles (ombre, balayage, babylights) that might pose a greater challenge. Choosing the right colour of hair extensions to match your different hair tones will depend on the look you are going for. 

For highlighted or ombre looks containing two different shades or more, the best colour to match will most certainly be the one you have the most of. On the other hand, if you would like to “bring out” a particular colour that you have less of, you may also choose to match it. 


The way to accomplish a perfect ombre look with solid colour hair extensions is to have your natural hair ombre-coloured beforehand. Trying to clip different shades to a solid-coloured hair will only have you looking patchy like a chessboard. Games aside, all you need to do is match them to the bottom shade in your hair and you will achieve a fabulous ombre effect.

When purchasing ombre extensions for medium or short hair length, you don’t necessarily need to dye your hair beforehand (see So.Cap new Shatush ombre line). Just match their base to your hair colour. If you have long hair, you will need to have your ends previously ombre-coloured to make sure that the extensions match your current style.


If your hair is highlighted, and you wish to add solid-coloured extensions, the best results are always obtained by matching your” underneath” shade. On a personal note, I once knew someone that matched long hair extensions to her blonde highlights and ended up with a disastrous three-way pattern: light blonde on the top, brown in the middle, and then light blonde long extensions. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Final tips

Lastly, three tips that will help you achieve the ultimate colour blend are: trimming extensions to match your current cut, adding in some highlights and low lights to further aid the blending process and loosely curling your hair alongside the extensions.

Our final advice is to always purchase good quality products where premium 100% natural hair is used. Get ready to revamp your looks!  There is no time like the present to go ahead and flaunt your gorgeous flowing locks.

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