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Solving Straight Hair Issues


There’s a common myth amongst people that straight hair has no issues at all. Although it is true that there are some lucky ones with an inborn perfection that don’t even need to comb their hair… (you know who they are) the rest of the people with straight hair must deal with a lot of situations.

So, if you’re having a bad day hair, what you would normally do is put your hair in a ponytail and forget about the world and its injustices! Right? But what if I told you that you could minimize those bad hair days so you could start using a ponytail because you WANT to and not because you’re obligated to?

Dull Locks

Straight hair looks completely beautiful when it’s all shiny and smooth, but when it’s not, it can really be noticed for the wrong reasons. When this type of hair is opaque, it can be for two different things: it’s overly dry or is damaged.

If your hair is dry, try using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. People with straight hair, won’t be able to skip a day of washing, but they can start using products that don’t dry their hair as much.

The only thing that can overcome the damage, is time! But you could take better care of your hair by buying a microfiber towel, this way you protect your hair from future damage and your hair can go back to being healthy sooner.

Static charge

Even when you have managed to get rid of the frizz from your hair, you could still encounter that static will keep it from behaving sometimes. When you have a straight hairstyle, flyways can really stand out, so I’ll give you a tip to deal with static.

Just carry a few dryer sheets in your bag! And when you see the static appearing, just rub your hands in one of the dryer sheets and smooth your hair manually. Problem solved!

Split Ends

As you already know, this is super common! And it’s very easy to fix. You just need to trim your hair periodically and that’s it! But, if you don’t have the time to go to the salon, you can apply some conditioning oil to your tips.

The oil will seal the ends of your hair and add shine to it! AWESOME!

The Frizz

Commonly this issue is often related to curly or wavy hair, but the truth is that a lot of people with straight hair have to deal with it too!

The solution is very simple as well, take your time to find a good product that will protect your hair in humid weather.

It is VERY important that all the products you experiment with are lightweight, if not, your hair will lose all its volume and will end up looking flat.

Even though straight hair is not bullet-proof, it’s a pretty awesome type of hair to have! And if you want it to look as good as it can, just follow our blog for more awesome tips about hair care routines and hair extensions!

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