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Hair Extensions Quiz: How Much Do You Know?


Do you consider yourself a hair extensions expert? Proof yourself!

Beauty and body image are two topics that grow in complexity the more you learn about them. As a stylist or hair expert, knowledge can help you improve your relationship with your clients –they tend to have a lot of questions, so having an opportune answer does help. 

These are some most of the common questions clients have about hair extensions:

1. Are hair extensions washable?

Hair extensions are not like your natural hair, even if they are made of natural hair. It might sound contradicting, but your scalp does play a huge part in providing natural oils for your own hair. Since hair extensions are not your natural root, they do not receive do not benefit from the natural oil production from your scalp.

Yes, you can wash your hair but it should be done with care. Just make sure to buy the right products such as sulphate free shampoo and keep it gentle when washing your hair extensions.

2. How do you avoid headaches? Are they heavy?

Some hair extensions have heavier and uncomfortable tracks or clips. That’s not the case with premium hair extensions that are super lightweight, like keratin bonds or COLDHAIR.

However, if you have a sensitive scalp you can avoid any headache by wearing your hair extensions slightly lower than usual, and not right at crown level.

3. I don’t want people to notice my hair extensions, what should I do?

To prevent this from happening, you should always wear your hair extensions at eyebrow level. This way you will also avoid any headaches as mentioned above. Also, if you have thin hair, make sure to make a firm base for the weft and layer them properly to achieve a more natural look. Avoid applying for extensions at the base of your head, if you wish to pull up your hair into a ponytail or an updo style.

How did you do?

Hair extensions open a world of possibilities for your looks, it not only brings versatility and choices, but hair extensions also put you in control. Check our offerings of premium quality hair extensions and achieve the look you want.

If you want to know more about COLDHAIR natural hair extensions feel free to check our Home Page here at SOCAP Original USA.

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