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Curly, Wavy, or Straight Wavy: Your Type of Hair Extensions


Hair extensions come in all shapes, sizes and tones for every kind of woman. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight, short, curly or wavy, at SOCAP Original USA we’ve the one you’re looking for.

The Brasilia line offers a catalogue of natural glossy black hair that feels smooth and natural, carefully selected and available in three different presentations:

  • Straight wavy 16”
  • Weft Curly 16” 18” and 20”
  • Afro Straight Wavy 18” and 20”

Straight Wavy

Brazilian straight wavy hair is one of its own kind. It adds enough volume and it is very soft, which allows this natural remy hair to mix effortlessly with your natural hair. It’s uniquely shaped waves are versatile and you can work with different styles.

Weft Curly and Afro Straight Wavy

The two waviest variations from the catalogue. A nice addition to rock those natural curls of you while adding extra volume and length up to 20” –and currently on sale as of 4/18.

Washing your hair extensions

Learning how to wash your hair extensions is fundamental and maintaining this curly type of hair needs extra care. If you treat your hair extensions the right way, they can last longer than expected and make your investment a real treasure.

Use the right comb to comb your hair extensions and pass your fingers throughout your hair extensions to get rid of any tangles before washing your hair extensions. Stop when you can’t find anymore tangles or knots. Also, a quick reminder to use hair extensions shampoo instead of regular shampoo.   

Moisturizing your hair extensions

Taking care of your Brasilia remy natural hair extensions isn’t hard, you just have to take the same type of care as with your natural hair. There are deep conditioners, as well as hair masks for hair extensions just as you special hair extensions shampoo. SOCAP Original USA offers a wide catalogue of products including: the EXTENSION CARE Instant Restructuring Mask, EXTENSION CARE Shampoo treatment for pre-extension for long hair and SPECIFIC EXTENSION CARE Nutritious Gloss and SPECIFIC EXTENSION CARE Nourishing Volume Treatment, each for making the most out of your hair extensions.  

Think of it as with your natural hair

If you want to know more about hair extensions and how to bring the best out of your hair, check our other blog posts or visit our online store for the best hair products.

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