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Are Your Hair Extensions At Risk? The Sun Problem


More volume, more length, dyed to your tastes, in a bun or ready for hair
braids; hair extensions are all about being resourceful. But if you want to make sure your hair extensions last, you’ll have to protect them from any
harm. The sun and its scorching rays are not the problem per se. What really complicates things is the long exposure.

Here’s what you need to know:

Think of it as your natural hair

Natural hair extensions like SOCAP hair extensions would undergo the same effects as your natural hair under sun exposure.

Heat is a big issue. The layer of initial paraffin that covers each hair extension may wear out if you wash them excessively. While SOCAP hair extensions are more durable, you want to make sure you don’t overdo things by washing them all the time. Instead, use hair masks often, especially with light blonde tones or dyed hair extensions as they are more delicate.

Be careful of self-tanners

Self-tanners should be used with caution. Still, if you insist on using these products, you should avoid any contact between the product and your hair extensions. Blond or light tones are more vulnerable, and other tones may suffer from discoloration. We recommend you wrap your hair in a towel before applying them.

The answer:

Now, since we know the sun tends to dehydrate our hair extensions as much as it does with our natural hair, it is recommended to dampen your hair with products before exposing it to direct sunlight. Apply a hair mask, and if possible, cover yourself with a hat to keep the sun away for extended periods.

Also, taking care of your hair with a special neutral like the SOCAP
extensions shampoo or hair mask can help protect your hair extensions in the long run.

Seawater and swimming pool water won’t keep your hair hydrated, even if
it’s wet. It doesn’t work that way. And yes, you can wet your hair extensions. Just make sure to rinse it afterwards with fresh water. Do so after bathing, rinsing it with fresh water. Then, dry it properly. Natural hair can be damaged if we keep it wet and messy. Keep that in mind!

If you want to know more about hair extensions and how to bring the best out of your hair, check our other blog posts or visit our online store for the best hair products.

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