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Short Guide for Short Hair: Using Hair Extensions the Right Way


So let’s say you love to wear your short hair. You love the carefree feeling, the easiness and comfort it brings. Perhaps you just like the Chic bob hairstyle but you are going to attend a fancy party and you need an occasional long hair look. Or, you want to grow your hair but you just don’t like the in between process. If any of the previous sound true to you, hair extensions might help you out.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hair extensions for special occasions

If you’re wearing your hair short as your everyday look but you like to look extra for a special occasion your best bet are clip extensions, which you can apply on your own. Style them and comb as you want.

If you have a hair bob, ask your stylist for some special treatment. He or she will immediately know about what you need, and organize your hair in layers, interwoven them and blending your hair extensions with your natural hair to make you look beautiful as ever. Also, it will help you attain more volume and dynamism to your look, or, if you have short hair because you have little amount of hair or low-volume, hair extensions will help you gain some length and volume at the same time.

Types of natural hair extensions

There’s a wide variety of hair extensions out there. At SOCAP Original USA, hair extensions are 100% natural hair, so unlike other brands, you’ll get a very natural result with a glossy and silky feeling. In addition, you can choose the color that best suits the tone of your hair. Or conversely, choose other color to give your hair several shades.

Clip hair extensions

These natural hair extensions are sewn on one end as small hair combs with clip that you can put in your hair easily. Place the amount of necessary hair extensions throughout your head. Then, you can comb your hair and go for braids, pigtails, monkeys and other semi drawn hairstyles.

Sticky hair extensions

Adhesive natural hair extensions consist of an adhesive band system. You’ll have to apply a little pressure and heat your hair a bit to get the best result in the placement. Adhesive strip is bio-adhesive, so it would not harm your hair. The SOCAP adHEXive line of adhesive hair extensions are a great way to enjoy the benefits of hair extensions without the long term commitment. Just try them yourself. They’re practical and you can get salon results at home.

If you decide to choose permanent natural hair extensions you will have to retouch them accordingly to grow your hair, each 2 to 5 months. Hair extensions are a great addition and a practical accessory for a change that doesn’t take much effort.

If you want to know more about hair extensions, and how to bring the best out of your hair, check our other blog posts or visit our online store for the best hair products.

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