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Avoid Tangling: 5 Tips for Tangled Hair


I’ve always loved my long hair. Maybe it’s my mom’s fault for cutting it short when I was little, unleashing my inner rebel from a young age, or maybe I just enjoy the way long hair works on me. Either way, I also learned that maintaining a suitable length also requires a lot of work to avoid tangles and breakages.

I tried to explain this to my niece Denise when she told me she wanted to be like Rapunzel, emphasizing on how the long hair princess had to comb her hair for long hours every day to avoid tangles. She didn’t seem to like the idea and told me she also liked Snow White. Which leads me to my point: Long hair isn’t for everybody, and it’s definitely more prone to tangling than others. If that doesn’t stop you, prepare for battle. Here are my 5 favorite tips to fight tangles and breakages:

1. Use conditioner on your hair and hair extensions:

Using conditioner helps you retain moisture and keeping it silky. My recommendation would be a nice conditioning mask from SOCAP and conditioning your tips the most, to avoid an oily scalp.

2. Comb your hair the Rapunzel way

If you spend the day outside, make sure to brush your hair at least once a day using a soft bristle brush. I usually brush it mid-day and before going to sleep, just remember to keep it gentle or you’ll damage your hair in the long run.

3. Try different combs and brushes

Even if you have a favourite brush or comb, you might notice they work differently depending on the circumstances. Feel free to experiment with a wide-tooth comb, big brushes and using your hair dryer on cool mode. Use all of your resources.

4. Use a ponytail while you sleep

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Who doesn’t wake up with a mess on her head? Using a loose knot or ponytail might help you reduce unnecessary tangling.

5. Choose your products wisely

There’s a lengthy catalogue of hair products out there and the best ones are usually overlooked, especially nowadays that we are so fed up on influencers talking about the products they use before asking ourselves what really works for us, and experimenting with different choices.

Tangles might be the least of your hair concerns. If you want to read more tips on hair health, hair extensions and the best products, make sure to check our SOCAP blog. Also, remember there’s a whole catalogue of premium products recommended by stylists and beauty professionals.

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