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5 Hair Extensions Myths Debunked


Nowadays, women have to feel empowered to hit that reset button and renew their looks anytime they want. And, our favorite change has to be a hair change, which includes hair extensions. However, there are so many misconceptions about hair extensions out there that most women end up rejecting the idea out of fear.

If you’re thinking of buying hair extensions but you’re holding yourself back because of something you heard, don’t worry, we have a full list of hair extensions myths ready to be debunked.

Exposing Hair extensions myths

1 Hair extensions will damage your hair

Wrong! If this statement were true, hair extensions wouldn’t be so popular. To clear up this myth, it is important to remember that extensions are nothing more than extra hair attached to your natural hair, and whether it’s clips or hooks they’re harmless.

On the other hand, there are different ways to apply your hair extensions, and having a professional to help you is ideal. Even people with fine hair can use hair extensions without worrying. The most widely used is clip extensions, since it facilitates the easy placement and removal of the extension.

2. They won’t blend well with my hair color

To set aside this myth, it is important to know that hair extensions come in different textures and colors. In SOCAP Original USA, we have a great guide to help you find one that goes accordingly. Therefore, you’ll always find a hair extension that matches your color, no matter how hard it might seem.

3. People will notice them

The worst part of this myth is to feel others can see through you, and think you’re fake, and to that we say: own your hair extensions, own your changes, set aside the rest.

Still worried? One of the main characteristics of high-quality hair extensions is to remain undercover and fill up those areas of missing hair without you having to worry about it. Also, you have to apply them carefully and at the right level. That’s all. 

4. They are too heavy!

Wrong, again. The difference between your hair extensions and your natural hair is that your own hair grows so slowly that you get used to the weight gain without realizing and with the extensions you feel the weight difference in less than half an hour. This misleading effect might make you think hair extensions are too heavy when in fact they are not. 

Also, there are many models of hair extensions and some are very light and comfortable to use, such as adhesive extensions. In this way, you can mix them up with your hair without feeling weight.

5. They’ll make your hair fall

It is normal to lose some amount of hair on a daily basis, since it is a regenerative process where hair follicles are strengthened to make way for the growth of the hair. That is to say, nothing has to do with the use of hair extensions.

People who claim hair extensions will make your hair fall are probably not taking the proper care with their hair extensions. They might be pulling them, combing them constantly, and other damaging habits that might affect your natural hair health.

If you want to know more about hair extensions, or more healthy tips for your hair, make sure to check our blog. We have dozens of articles waiting for you.

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