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3 Easy Hairstyles For These Holidays


The holidays are here and we bring you the best hairstyles for every occasion: an elegant hairstyle for a company dinner, a charming hairstyle for Christmas Eve, or a conservative look for your family meal: 3 perfect holiday hairstyles for each event.

1- Semi-drawn hairstyle

Semi-Drawn Hairstyle

If you opt for a medium-length hair look for these holidays, this one is for you:

Begin by straightening your hair, then pick up the top section of your hair with your fingers, tie it with a band at the back of your crown into a loose ponytail.  Starting at the band, wrap the tail with a tie or ribbon until the middle of the lock. Loop the entire piece into a circle shape, secure it with a hairpin and you’re ready!

2- Ballerina bun

This one is great for a meal with your coworkers. A versatile style, with a casual touch. Add some bright makeup and you’re ready for a festive party at the office. 

Ballerina Bun

First collect the hair over the crown area, then comb all the hair back with your fingers. Secure your hair with a band at the top backside of your head. You can try a slight variation with a middle part hairstyle and some locks on the front. Wrap the topknot over itself and secure with some hairpins under the hair. Finish with hairspray to keep in place. 

3- Romantic low bun:

An elegant look for a special occasion. This one is perhaps our favorite from the list and the one that exudes a more natural and charming feel.

Romantic Low Bun

If you want to try the quick and easy version of this bun,  pull back your hair in a low and loose ponytail, fluff the area of your crown of the head with your fingers and comb accordingly. Loosely braid a and wrap it into a bun at the nape of your neck. Pin in place with hairpins. Leave a few strands loose in the side areas and sets with spray. This hairstyle is great for both medium and long hair.

So, are you ready for these holidays? Feel free to check our blog for more about hair extensions, hairstyles and other healthy tips for your hair.

Happy holidays from the SOCAP Original USA team!

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