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How Heat Affects your Hair Extensions and What to Do About It


We love hair extensions because they give us extra volume, and we can insta-grow our hair to be as long we want it to be, the tone we want it to be, whenever we want. Having hair extensions is having choices. We can use braids extensions, extensions for short haircuts, and so on. However, the sun does take a toll on our hair extensions, and luckily, you can do something about it.


You won’t need a hat

The heat of the sun’s rays might hurt our extensions as much as they would hurt our natural hair. It might dry them, and rain may create wave or frizz. Natural hair extensions would respond the same way as our natural hair.

The sun and the heat hurt the protective layers that cover certain hair extensions and washing them regularly might wear them out, so consider a product to protect your hair extensions. You can incorporate nourishing masks often, especially with blond extensions or dyed extensions because they are more delicate towards sun exposure.


Beware self-tanners

Out there in the market, you’ll find dozens of self-tanning creams for hair extensions, but you must be especially careful with this kind of products. You might end up bleaching your hair by accident.


Tips to treat the extensions with the Sun

The sun and its heat dehydrate our hair extensions as much as ours, as we have explained before. It is appropriate, therefore, to dampen your hair with products before exposing it under direct sunlight. Always apply a nourishing mask and resort to headscarves when the sun is too intense to bear. Keep in mind you can find special extensions products at the SOCAP shop.

Also, remember pools are a synonym of chlorine and sea is a synonym of salt. So if you’re going to the beach, always remember to rinse your hair extensions with fresh water.


Do artificial hair extensions perform better the Sun?

Artificial hair extensions have the same drawbacks as natural hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions might hurt from excessive heat and its fibres might come open by prolonged sun exposure. Also, synthetic hair extensions are cheaper than natural hair extensions and too much product might be counterproductive to its lifespan.


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