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4 Most Asked Questions about Hair Extensions


All your hair extensions questions answered in a quick 5-mins-read

If you’ve been pondering and wondering about how to buy the right hair extensions, we have gathered the 4 most asked questions customers make before buying hair extensions:



  • How do I find the right color?


Hold a white piece of paper right next to your face in front of the mirror. If you see yellow, red or pink your skin type is warm, if, on the other hand, you see grey, blue or yellow-green your skin type is cool.


If you have cool undertones go for:

  • Light ash blond to medium ash brown (no highlights)
  • Medium to dark ash brown or ash and bluish black (no highlights)


If you have warm undertones go for:

  • Light golden blond to medium brown with golden highlights
  • Red, Auburn, or black with red or golden highlights.



  • Do hair extensions require high maintenance?


High-quality hair extensions do not require excessive care. Still, you can always buy certain hair extensions products to extend its lifespan. Note that this only works for natural hair extensions.



  • Natural or synthetic?


Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper which means you can save some money if you’re willing to compromise some quality. Synthetic hair isn’t great for making braids, or anything that means twisting and bending as they tend to break easily. Natural hair extensions offer a more durable option, that also looks well, more natural.



  • Clip-in or Tape-in?


Clip-in hair extensions are less affordable than tape in hair extensions, but in the long run, you’ll end up saving more money with a product that lasts longer

If you’re having trouble choosing one, SOCAP experts developed a variation that isn’t as heavy as other brands, so you can have the comfort clip hair extensions you can wear when you want.


Buying the right hair extensions

If you want to know more about your new hair extensions make sure to check our blog, or feel free to browse the web catalog to find some quality hair extensions products for you.

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