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Hair Loss and Autumn: Why it Happens and What to Do


If you’re reading this, odds are you know hair tends to fall more during certain times of the year, and you might ask yourself, why?

Like, really why?

During autumn, there’s this weird seasonal hair loss phenomenon. This happens because the hair has its own life cycle: a human being takes about four years in completely renovating the hair, since, unlike other living beings, human beings renew their hair and nails gradually and not at once, as it happens with other species.


Your hair’s life circle

Hair grows and fall, just like any other living thing. During spring, it is common for your hair to wither, and afterward, in autumn, the hair falls to make room for the new ones that are bound to grow, so this seasonal hair loss is not a problem, actually, it’s necessary.

In fact, some people might totally freak out and start buying expensive hair loss products. Keep in mind that hair renewal and hair loss aren’t the same, as long as it is a moderate, seasonal fall and is not accompanied by other symptoms something is bad with our health. There are people who experience more hair loss than others, partly because of having their hair weakened by poor care, inadequate nutrition, stress, and other negative factors. Also, remember summer affects your hair in a really aggressive way: sun exposure, sea salt, chlorine, and other factors that affect your hair.


Protecting your hair

If you’re prone to hair loss, and you’re sure it’s not just a renewal, here a couple of tips to keep in mind:

    1. Vitamins and proteins are essential for strong and healthy hair. Vegetables like spinach and carrots, orange, kiwi fruits, and legumes are quintessential to your hair. Also, magnesium deficiency is one of the leading causes of hair loss and eggs can help you keep your hair strong, due to its high content in vitamin B12.
    1. Stress is usually tied to certain situations regarding our everyday life and unless prolonged, it shouldn’t affect you significantly. When we say stress can cause hair loss, it’s really a thing that happens over time with complex and stressful situations, personal problems, and others. If that is your case, relieve some stress, by doing yoga, dance, Pilates or consider the help of a mental health professional, as there are dozens of strategies to stay strong even through difficult times.


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