Beauty and Hair Extensions Tips

New to hair extensions? Here’s a quick guide


Whether you decide to use tape hair extensions or clip in hair extensions you need to know how to care for hair extensions if you want to extend their life as long as possible.

The Basics

While some hair extensions can be dyed or bleached, doing so will shorten its durability and while it makes more sense to darken your hair extensions, it is way better to pick the right color instead of actually downgrading your extensions.

When it comes to modeling your hair extensions, you should know that quality hair extensions are usually heat resistant. However, synthetic hair extensions won’t stand temperatures that exceed what your natural hair is able to resist. The key is to use your heating tools with a moderate heat. Luckily for you, SOCAP Original extensions are different from other synthetic extensions, and you won’t have such problems. We suggest applying some heat resistant product before styling them in order to extend your extensions lifespan.

Brushing your hair extensions

Your hair extensions might be strong but that doesn’t mean you can treat them poorly. Avoid pulling your hair extensions when brushing as hair extensions work differently than your natural hair. They won’t grow back and you don’t want them to lose volume over the months. Being delicate and careful when styling your hair reduces this effect to a minimum. You can start by brushing the tips and going up, rising gradually towards the root. You can find special brushes for hair extensions in our store.

Washing your hair extensions

Wash your hair extensions only when necessary and using a special shampoo for hair extensions. Keep in mind that your own hair receives nutrients from the root, unlike hair extensions. Also, the scalp produces sebum, an oily substance that protects your hair while also making your hair look greasy with excess. However, with hair extensions, there are no nutrients, natural oils or flakes as it tends to happen with your natural hair. With hair extensions, it’s more important to keep them hydrated than actually worrying about washing them.

Taking care of your own hair is slightly different from maintaining your hair extensions at its top condition. The duration of your extensions will depend on how much stress you put them through and how you treat them. If you want to know more you can check our other blog posts. There are dozens of tips for both your natural hair and hair extensions.

Check the SOCAP Original Hair Extensions Catalogue

If you want to find more ways or tips to maintain your hair extensions at their top condition, check our other blog posts. Also, we have hundreds of products for your hair, as well as our popular hair extensions.

SOCAP Original Hair Extensions are top quality and you can’t go wrong with our products. If you want quality and reliability, you know you can trust these hair extensions.

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