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8 Quintessential Summer Hairstyles You Can Try Today


It’s been almost a month since summer began and we’re already wondering what to do with our hair during these warm days. If you’re out of ideas and Pinterest photos are not enough, check these easy how-to for our favorite summer hairstyles:

  • Wet Look

The classic I just stepped out of the ocean style. It’s easy and it’s for everyone. First, get yourself a high-gloss pomade, then work the pomade through your mane and get out there. Easy-peasy.



  • Beachy Wave Half-Up Half-Down

Another classic from the all-time favorite Blake Lively. You’ll need some bobby pins first, then you’ll have to pull back the top layers of your hair tightly. A sleek on the top look with some effortless beachy waves on the bottom.


  • Single Braid

This is the style you wear during those awful days. Just add one tiny braid on one side of your head. The subtlety of this little hair detail feels like a firefly in the dark. You can also use a hat if you’re going for a more artistic look


  • Top Knot

A very stylish and functional hairstyle for those moments you want to feel both comfortable and in style. It’s also a great choice to avoid the summer heat with minimum effort.


  • Air Dry

Consider this one as a free-stress pass for those days you just don’t want to care. If your hair is naturally straight or wavy, this style is for you. Let your hair dry naturally and use a light-frizz control product, and you’re done.


  • Messy Side Braid

Remember that complicated braid you didn’t manage to complete because you turned out late for the event? Just do it again. Let the pieces pop out, and embrace your messiness. Just try to not to be late this time.


  • Deep Side Part

An easy and sexy style for medium length hair. First, you’ll need to find the highest point of your eyebrow. Then, you just have to separate it with a fine-tooth comb while slicking back this part of the hair on one side with a texturizing balm. It’s an elegant style that works wonders for every occasion.


  • Imperfect Bob

How can such an imperfect hairstyle be this perfect for summer? Well, there’s beauty in imperfection. For this one, you’ll need to use a flat iron until you get to the bottom 1/3 of your hair. Play with the ends creating different textures and you’re ready to enjoy the day out.

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