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4 Mistakes You Make That Hurt Your Hair


It’s never a mistake until somebody else notices it, right? There are these things we do, things we’ve been doing for ages totally unaware of its effect on our hair.

But there’s no time for remorse, if you want to extend your hair’s longevity while making it look amazing, there are few changes we need to make.

Here are 5 mistakes you make that hurt your hair –without you knowing it.


  • Combing your hair –the wrong way

Yes, there’s a right way of combing your hair and not everybody knows about it.

First of all, forget about combing your hair right after you step out of the shower. I know, you’ve been doing it for years. Me too! But our hair is more prone to breaking when it’s wet. Also, remember you just got out of a warm water shower, and pulling on the follicles is not really a great idea.

There’s even this bottom’s up method by Christy Stewart where you start at your ends and you work the comb toward the roots. You might feel like you’re on reverse, but the health of your hair is going forward.


  • The way you apply your shampoo

Oh TV ads, why you do this to us? For years we’ve seen countless media depicting women applying a generous amount of shampoo just to circle their hairs in a mindlessly massaging way afterward. Yes, it might feel good, but you’re not giving yourself a massage, you’re cleaning your hair.

Instead, run your fingers vertically across your scalp, and forget about the rinse and repeat mantra. They just want you to use more shampoo than you actually need.

Tip: Using shampoo is ok, as long as you use it 2 – 3 times a week.


  • The way you dry your hair

Whenever you use a towel, remember you’re not drying a puppy (picture a fluffy Pomeranian.) You don’t have to go all heartily drying your hair. Doing so leads to breakage, frizz, and it causes a lot of friction. Instead, press the towel against your wet hair without rubbing it, and consider using a microfiber towel.

Blow dryers shouldn’t be a problem unless you apply too much heat to your hair. Also, use the flat attachment to redirect the warm in a more even way.


  • Not using a heat protectant

This one applies for both blow dryers and heated tools. If you’re planning to use any heating tools in a regular fashion you have to use heat protectant abundantly. This way you’ll limit heat damage and stretch your hair years. Also, if you’ve been dying your hair a lot recently, you should really stay with low temperatures.


Taking your hair care to the next level

If you want to learn more tricks and tips for your hair and hair extensions check out our other blog posts. Most of these hair bits of advice are from our hair experts at SOCAP, we want you to feel healthy and happy with your hair.

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