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Hair Extensions On Your Wedding Day: Why it Matters


Hiring the ideal wedding planner, sending invitations, worrying about the slightest detail and finding the dress of your dreams is enough of an arduous task for a bride-to-be. Nobody told you it was going to be this hard, right? So when you have some free time to yourself, you just lay on the bed for a while to binge that new Netflix series, and you end up scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking at seemingly impossible makeup looks and hairstyles.

How do they…?!

The perfect wedding hairstyle does exist, and hair extensions are a great way to add that little magic touch every woman needs during her special day. If you’re still not sure about using hair extensions on your wedding day, here are a couple of reasons that could help you.


Adding Volume

Long hair for your special day? Hair extensions are a great way to add thickness and volume to your natural hair. The tips of your hair tend to become thinner and fragile over time, and when you trim them at your stylist, you may find out you lose some of your natural volume.

Adding wefts of hair extensions can help you achieve the ideal volume for your wedding hair. So whether you go for an up-do, or showcase your long natural hair, you can get an extra boost of volume to achieve a dreamy look.

Also, increased volume from extensions helps avoid unwanted slips by keeping your veil where it needs to stay.


Adding Length

Surprising, huh? This is perfect for those who love to keep their hair short but want to wear a long hairstyle for a day. Browse through hairstyles, pick one, and visit your stylist. You’re just a clip away from the wedding day hairstyle of your dreams.

SOCAP Original hair extensions are ideal for this as they blend seamlessly even if you have a short hairstyle.


Added Possibilities

The amount of stunning wedding day hairstyles on Instagram and Pinterest is ridiculous. And while there are thousands of tutorials and how-to’s, sometimes your hair is way too short or thin to achieve the look you want.

With hair extensions, you can forget about limitations. Nobody should tell you no during your special day. Do you want a specific look? Go for it!


Happily Ever After Hair

So while your marriage is a long time commitment, hair extensions are not. While you can still use them for your honeymoon or every now and then, you decide when you want to wear them, or when you want to take a break.

We hope you liked the article. You can check our website catalog of premium quality hair extensions in order to prepare for your special day.

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