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Trending Hairstyles for 2018: Finding Inspiration


The look you were looking for is looking out for you.

Ok, no more tongue twisters. We don’t like unnecessary tangles around here, and we’ve a lot to talk.

We’re in mid 2018 already, and fashion trends are getting pumped. The rose hold hair trend is still in fashion, oversized braids are everywhere, and it seems like the right time to take your look to new lengths. As we speak, radical colors are taking over, especially in different balayage variations. Rose gold gave in into Rose brown, and wet look styles seems to be back.

Let’s cover the three most relevant things to look for during mid 2018:


The coffee balayage is our new favorite. Its name comes from the wide range of colors you can normally find in different coffees, from dark and strong, to light, and sweet. This is one look that can’t go wrong.

Other trending colors are all about the passionate and vivid. Colors like magenta, berry dyes, and other warm colors. Ash, charcoal, and platinum are still in fashion, and you can expect to see a combination of both vivid and platinum colors.


It seems like we’re going back to super straight hair and hairstyles with a middle stripe. But if you want something more daring, you can try a choppy punk hairstyle with bangs, or a bowl cut that recently got back in fashion. And don’t worry about pulling such a bold move; you can always buy hair extensions whenever you want to go back to your long hair.

The effortless

As always, fashion is always in the little details. Long-retro ponytails, big hair buns, oversized braids; all of these hairstyles are incredibly easy to pull and they’ll never leave you hanging.

Other trends include natural curls, nor straight nor curly hair, and beach waves. So lay low for a while and display your natural beauty without effort.

The year of hair extensions

One thing that’s never out of style is hair extensions. They’re great for every occasion, and you can try a total different hairstyle without commitments.

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