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Finding the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone


Every skin tone has its own unique qualitities, and that’s a beautiful thing. From Ochre, to gold, and from Tawny to Light Beige, there are hundreds of combinations that range from Warm to Cool skin, and Light to Dark skin.

Combinations are endless, and that’s where true beauty lies. Now, a great way to make your beautiful skin stand out is to choose the right dye.

Of course there are no “rules” when it comes to matching your hair color, and your skin color, but there are some hues that can boost certain traits like warmth, brightness, and other features that contribute to your look.

I know what you’re thinking, …there are lots of colors out there. Where do I start? Here’s what you should know:

Determining your skin tone

According to Cassondra Kaeding, celebrity colorist, it’s as easy as holding a white piece of paper right next to your face while looking in the mirror. Keep an eye open to the following tones:

  1. Yellow, red, or pink: WARM SKIN
  2. Grey, Blue, yellowgreen: COOL SKIN

If you have trouble deciding whether your skin belongs to the warm skin tones or cool skin tones, you might be somewhere in the middle and almost any hair color will fit you.

NOTE: Even if you have neutral skin there’s always a slight trend towards warm or cool tones. That’s a great way to choose highlights or balayage colors.

Choosing the right hair color

While finding a professional stylist can help you, it’s quite fun to find your matching color yourself. Just like those Facebook quizzes where you finally know what type of unicorn you are –yes, that’s a thing.

Once you find your skin undertone, just check this quick guide to find your ideal match:

Cool undertones:

  • Light ash blond to medium ash brown (no highlights)
  • Medium to dark ash brown or ash and bluish black (no highlights)

Warm undertones

  • Light golden blond to medium brown with golden highlights
  • Red, auburn, or black with red or golden highlights.

Also, keep in mind that darker eye colors look best with darker shades, creating a nice complement to lighten eye color.

Choosing a hair color for your hair extensions

Now you do know how to better express your best features, picking the right hair extensions is just as easy. SOCAP Premium Hair Extensions have a wide range of color choices:

  • Black
  • Dark Chestnut
  • Dark Chestnut (Blonde)
  • Chestnut
  • Light Chestnut
  • Light Chestnut (Golden Blonde)
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Beige
  • Light Golden
  • Light Blonde
  • Medium Blond
  • Dark Blonde (Very Light Blonde)
  • Light Ultra Blonde
  • Very Light Blond
  • Golden Light Blonde
  • Golden Blonde
  • Mahogany Chestnut
  • Light Mahogany Chestnut
  • Deep Red
  • Light Copper Blonde
  • And a dozen more…


If you want to know more about our premium hair extensions and our professional products you can call us at 305-573-0901 or check the products section to see the whole catalogue.

Also, make sure to check our other blog posts. We have tons  of hair tips and tricks brought to you directly from our experts.



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