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Self-confidence and the Pride of Wearing Hair Extensions


 “A feminist is any woman who tells the truth about her life.”

Virginia Woolf

Addressing women’s issues should be second nature to any brave girl out there. And that includes brands, and public figures who have the responsibility of rising their voice for equality. Wage gaps, discrimination, and less opportunities, are some of the most relevant topics, but today we’ll talk about one of many small issues that are usually swept under the rug. Hair extensions.

Judging, shaming, or criticizing a woman over her appearance also falls into the abuse-category. The inconvenient truth is, both men and women are picking on other women, not because they’re mean at heart, but because they naively fall into the trap of objectification. Every time someone shames a girl because of her makeup, her shoes, her hair, or her overall appearance, we take a step forward towards inequality.

Take for example the difference between the Dove, Real Beauty Campaign and the Victoria Secret’s I Love My Body Campaign. While some might spend days arguing about whether who’s right or wrong, the truth is there are no winners if we learn to embrace and celebrate difference.

Every one of those models are telling truths about their lives.

And people are choosing to hear some truths above others.

The same principle applies to hair extensions. If you open your Google browser and you type “Hair extensions look…” the first suggestion would be “fake.” Now the real issue here is whether a woman could be objectified as fake because of her passion for makeup, her need of using a wig, or because of her desire of feeling confident while wearing hair extensions that allow her to pull whatever look she wants.

Because, it’s not only about looking pretty. It’s about letting women have the freedom to choose how they want to look. It’s about women wearing their products with pride and boldness –not because they’re told, but because they decide to do so.   

Our commitment with women’s well-being

Learning HOW to craft a top quality product is not easy. Knowing WHY you decide to create such product is the real question. In SOCAP Original USA we care about our clients and their needs. Wherever there’s a woman that wants to feel more confident, brave, or extra, we support her.

That’s why we partner with stylists and beauty providers. To ensure women get to choose how they want to tell their truth without being silenced.

Celebrating beauty is embracing difference, and if there’s one thing that differentiate millions of women, that’s hair.

You get to choose.

If you want to know more about our premium hair extensions and our professional products you can call us at 305-573-0901 or download the official SOCAP Original USA app to get DOUBLE rewards on your purchases.

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