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A Personal Story: Keeping Your Hair Extensions From Unnecessary Tangles And Knots


Braids are fun. Period. But, if you want to keep your hair extensions from getting damaged, there are some essential tips to keep in mind.

There’s a reason why Tangled is my favorite contemporary Disney Movie; Rapunzel and the main character’s long lush hair was also my favorite fantasy tale. It’s not a surprise that every girl at my school group agreed that Rapunzel had the best hair amongst the princesses. The sole idea of letting our hair grow so long brought sparks to the whole group. But for me it wasn’t just sparks, I felt my eyes tingling with desire. It wasn’t just a whim.

You see, I had some real trouble growing my hair, while the other girls had no trouble at all. Being locked in a high tower was a fair price to be paid in my opinion. I felt left behind in comparison to other girls my age. I had to do something. I remember asking my mother for treatments or other options, and I also remember trying them all. I was desperate.

It was only when my mom bought me my first hair extensions that I had a chance of trying braids for the first time.

That night I spent hours experimenting with my own hair, twisting different styles of braids. Unfortunately, my happiness didn’t last long as I was, sort of, unkind to my new extensions. In a few months, my hair extensions died.

What I learned after 10 years using hair extensions

Things have changed. I’m no longer a child and I wear my short hair with pride and confidence -and yes, Tangled remains my favorite Disney movie.

Some other hair extensions won’t handle heat properly, nor braids. But natural hair extensions like the Premium SOCAP hair extensions are suited for ironing and braid styles like the Double Dutch, the French Braid, or the Regular Three-Strand Braid.

When I decide to try hair extensions again, I know that I must treat them well. My advice: You have to apply moisturizers and conditioners, as well as comb them properly after untangling your hair.

If you want to know more about hair extensions, check out our blog. Also, make sure to use SOCAP official products to take care of your hair extensions.



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