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Super Long Hair is Back in Fashion: Time for Hair Extensions


Fashion is like a cycle, perpetually repeating itself over and over again.

With fashion trends, there are some looks we would definitely wait for decades just to have them in style once again, like old-fashioned spectacles your grandmother used to wear, while there are some other trends we don’t want to run into, like that one ex that keeps coming back.

Sorry Carlos, you’re as forgotten as flare jeans.

Long hair is one trend that won’t just go away –and thanks god for that. It seems like regardless of how many contenders dare to challenge the queen; Long hair always ends up ahead of fashion trends.

Now, that doesn’t you mean you have to ditch all of the other gorgeous hairstyles available. You can just keep a pair of your favorite top quality hair extensions from SOCAP Original USA around when the time comes.

Hair Extensions: The Super Long Hair Hack

The SOCAP Original USA Classic Line includes three different types of hair extensions, including the Straight, Wave and Curly alternatives. On the other hand, the Weft Hair line is a great alternative if you’re looking for medium thickness.

If your hair is too thin and you’re having a rough time trying to blend it with other hair extensions you should consider the Eclectica line, one of the emblem products of SOCAP Original USA.

Also, you can check some of the signature SOCAP products like the EXTENSION CARE Shampoo treatment pre-extension for long hair, the EXTENSION CARE Setificante Anti-Statico or the EXTENSION CARE Instant Restructuring mask. While using the right products won’t necessarily contribute to the natural growth of your hair, it would help you preserve its health.

Buy your SOCAP Hair Extensions today

Hair extensions won’t go out of style. The resourcefulness it adds to your wardrobe is just out of discussion. Look no further and choose affordability and quality above else.

If you want to know more about our premium hair extensions and our professional products you can call us at 305-573-0901 or download the official SOCAP Original USA app to get DOUBLE rewards on your purchases.

Also, make sure to check our other blog posts. We have a lot of tips directly from our experts for both your hair and style.


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