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Want To Breathe Years Into Your Hair Extensions? Buy The Right Thing


Your hair is a precious thing, and taking care of it requires some real investment. The wrong product can harm your hair, and leave you spending twice to repair the damage. You know what they say: cheap comes out expensive. The same goes for hair extensions. Picking a cheap brand won’t do, and even when you buy high quality hair extensions you have to make sure you’re not pouring poison all over your scalp.

The thing is most products you would find on a regular pharmacy are good-enough for your natural hair to stay regular. Of course there are better choices, but then again, the price would be slightly higher. Now when it comes to special treatments for your hair extensions, you can’t go wrong with the specialists.

Luckily SOCAP Original USA cares not only about creating the top quality hair extensions, but using their knowledge, technology and expertise on crafting products that would extend the life of your hair extensions.

Products like the EXTENSION CARE Shampoo treatment pre-extension for long hair, the EXTENSION CARE Setificante Anti-Statico without rinsing or the EXTENSION CARE Instant Restructuring mask. All of these paired with the SOCAP Shampoo Neutro for your natural hair care.

Care and Styling

The right brush and comb is also a priority when it comes to taking care of you hair. At the SOCAP Original USA store you can find Hot Curl Brushes, Handbag Brushes, Large and Small Curling Brushes and the SOCAP Special Hair Extensions Brush with 2 lengths in 1 brush.

You don’t need to spend hours combing and brushing your new hair extensions, but giving it the proper care on a regular basis (at least twice a week) would make your hair extensions live a very long time.

If you want to know more about our premium hair extensions and our professional products you can call us at 305-573-0901 or download the official SOCAP Original USA app to get DOUBLE rewards on your purchases.

Also, make sure to check our other blog posts. We have a lot of tips directly from our experts for both your hair and style.


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