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Meeting Your Mane Goals for 2018


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When Kelly made her decision of changing things a bit for 2018 she knew she would have to begin with something simple yet eye catching. Something people will notice immediately, something doable -not like that gym resolution. Dying her hair was a no, and a new haircut was too much of a risk. A bad haircut and the following depressing and unwanted scenario of waiting months for your hair to look normal once again sounds like a terrible way to start the year.

As a woman who works in PR, Kelly knows the importance of subtle changes, those that won’t make their clients believe they’re talking to a different Kelly -Kelly is just fine, she’s adorable and all she wants is to change her hair. Adding a few highlights was more important for her than adding extra length so she considered a few lighter tones from Socap Original hair extensions that would match her natural color without making her look out of character.

Now, what if you’re not a Kelly? What if you’re into vivid colors and shades that don’t match? What if your hair doesn’t grow as fast as you want? Whatever your current hair situation is, the Socap Original USA catalogue has something waiting for you.

Start this 2018 with the right braid

New year resolutions can be great, but let’s face it, sometimes all you want is to have some instant gratification, a boost of confidence, a head start.

Hair extensions can give you just that.

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Also, make sure to check our Blog if you want to know more about how to care of your new hair extensions, and the new you.

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