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Bridal Advice: What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions For Your Big Day


Extensions are the best way to look like a fairy tale princess for your wedding day. For most romantic hairstyles, you need your hair to be long, lush, and thick. Oftentimes, more so than even the longest, thickest natural hair would allow.

That is why so many women are choosing to use professional quality extensions for their wedding events. Real human hair extensions increase the length and thickness of your hair without looking unnatural. High quality, professional extensions are perfect for accentuating your hair without making it look like you completely changed your appearance before the wedding. You’re still you; you just have a little more of that gorgeous hair.

This is also the best method to get a fairy tale or red carpet worthy hairstyle, or create a soft ombre effect, without using heat or damaging your hair. One of the major advantages of extensions is that they make even the most unrealistic hair style dreams a possibility, so you look exactly like you always imagined you would on your wedding day.

The Benefits of High Quality, 100% Human Hair Extensions

Once you’ve decided to make the investment, it can be hard to know which hair extensions to choose. For the best, most natural looking results, you should use high quality, 100% human hair extensions.

These extensions last longer than low quality, synthetic alternatives, so your new, fuller hair can shine through wedding photos, rehearsal dinners, your special day, the honeymoon, and beyond. Since high quality extensions can last for up to 12 weeks, you can make sure you love the way your hair looks without the stress of putting in extensions the night before or morning of your wedding. Put them in with enough time to try out different styles. You have enough time to experiment with all kinds of both formal and casual, active hairdos while wearing your extensions.

Synthetic extensions can also look unnatural. With extensions made from 100% human hair, the hair looks real, so you walk down the aisle looking and feeling like yourself. Human hair extensions behave like real hair, too. Unlike synthetic extensions, they are comfortable and easy to style, even with heat. They can also survive trips to the pool and the rest of your everyday life.

Caring For Your Extensions

Once they are in place, extensions require professional quality maintenance and care. Your stylist will help you decide how often you will need maintenance appointments to ensure that you hair looks as good as it did on day one, prevent damage, and make sure your normal hair is still growing as it should. They can also help you fix any tangling or damage.

You will also need to take care of your extensions between appointments. In order to avoid getting caught in the bonds between your natural hair and the extensions, you will want an extension brush that will be gentler and won’t disrupt the tape or glue. You will also need professional grade shampoo and conditioner to make sure that washing your hair won’t affect the bonds or the quality of the hair. Since the extensions won’t receive any of the natural oils that your hair receives, you should consider a high quality oil-based shampoo at least once a week to renew and revitalize your extensions.

With the proper maintenance, you can keep your hair extensions looking full and beautiful for their full lifetime, and even prolong it!

Wedding-Worthy Styles Using Extensions

With your beautiful, professional quality hair extensions in place, you’re ready to create that romantic hairstyle for your fairy tale moment. They can add volume to elegant coiled buns or help you create a soft, romantic or braided updo. They can also lend the length necessary to accentuate your veil or create a long, romantic half up half down or soft braided style. With extensions, you can even get a perfectly natural style with extra long curls or waves and a braided or waterfall accent. Check out this link for over 100 extension style ideas!

No matter which style you choose, 100% real human hair extensions can help you get the perfect wedding hair you’re dreaming of.

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