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The Perfect Temporary Solution for a Special Event Hair Style or for Anyone Trying Hair Extensions for the First Time!

Are you a little nervous about trying hair extensions? Or do you wish you could have a special luxurious hairstyle for a wedding, party, or special occasion without the commitment of a full hair extension installation? Clip-in hair extensions often look cheap and fake – but full-blown keratin-tip extensions require professional application, can take hours to put in your hair, and need to be maintained for as long as 6 months! This is why we developed our AdHexive Line of high quality, short-term, adhesive hair extensions.

The AdHexive Line is the latest innovation from the experts here at SoCap Original USA Hair Extensions. This temporary new system takes less time to apply and does not require any special equipment. Now, you can get the same quality results with our high-quality hair extensions faster and more simply than ever. The AdHexive Line is available in both wavy and straight textures in a variety of hair colors.

For salon professionals, adhesive hair extensions are a great way to offer a temporary alternative to traditional extensions. Clients can get a taste of what they would experience from more permanent applications without the commitment. Also, these adhesive hair extensions are a much better choice than clip-ins for women wanting a high-quality but short-term hair extension solution.

For consumers, adhesive hair extensions are simple and easy to apply, with no special equipment necessary. You can get salon results at home with no tools. The only equipment needed is your fingertips!

The AdHEXive Difference

SoCap Original USA’s new AdHEXive line is a fast and affordable alternative to traditional hair extensions. They are perfect for anyone who is hesitant to make the commitment to bonded keratin tip hair extensions or for those who simply want a temporary look for a special event. The full application time needed for adhesive hair extensions is generally less than one hour. AdHEXive hair extensions are also reusable once removed with a simple reapplication of adhesive tape (spare rolls are available at

Adhesive Hair Extension Installation Tips

Simply wrap the adhesive hair extension around thin horizontal sections of the hair. Adhesive tape holds the hair extensions firmly in place until you or the client decides to remove them. Remind your clients to always brush their hair gently to avoid accidentally pulling the adhesive tape out and straining the hair. With proper maintenance and the use of specialty hair extension products, adhesive sticker extensions will stay in place for up to two months.

AdHexive Line Details:

• 100% Natural Remy’s Hair

• Pack of 6 units

• Length: 20"

• Straight or Wavy

• Tape-In

100% Human Remi Hair Makes The Best Extensions

Like all of our hair extensions, our AdHexive Line is made from 100% Human Remi Hair. Remi hair is tied before cutting, so all the strands are of the same kind and color. The cuticles also all go in the same direction from root to tip which helps prevent splitting, fraying, and breaking. Because it is real human hair, you can wash, blow dry, straighten, and curl – just as you would natural hair! It also feels like your own hair, making it appear more natural and believable.

Our extensions are gently processed using our special technique that safely removes pigments instead of using harmful bleach. This preserves the integrity of the hair and leaves the cuticle in excellent shape.

Register with SoCap as a Hair Care Professional

Licensed Hairdressers enjoy exclusive prices on our natural hair extensions, fashion accessories, and care products. Register with SoCap Original USA to receive special offers and discounted rates. We also offer hands-on training and certification at regional events held across the USA. As a Professional V.I.P. member you receive rewards and savings with every purchase.

What Our Customers Say About SoCap Original AdHexive Line

  • Excellent quality easy to apply
  • Great for adding high and low lights
  • I cannot say how much I love the adhexive after my client purchased them for me to install on her. I had to get my own account to purchase.
  • Love this hair and application. Quick and efficient and a wonderful way for first timers to see if they like extensions
  • These extensions are amazing! The quality is always great. Can’t wait to try the new wave ones!!
  • Good quality hair that’s lasting for awhile now! Will order more!
  • Great hair quality! I’m so happy with this product. I recommend theseextensions to all of my clients.
  • I use the AdHexive extensions to spruce up existing extensions when I don’t have time for adding new ones. Great for extended travel or to prolong my next major re-do!
  • I love my extensions. I got the tape ins. They look sooo natural. Gave my natural hair volume and length. It didn’t take long to put them on. Tape is very good quality. I will definitely be reordering.
  • So quick and easy to install
  • My only complaint is that I wish there were more options with length and also texture. Love the application
  • Love this hair, it has a natural appearance
  • Quick Fix to spruce up your style
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