Beauty and Hair Extensions Tips

Why choose professional quality hair extensions products?


Hair extensions have become a must-have accessory for fashionable women. Especially on special occasions like weddings, parties, and special events. Hair extensions give you the possibility of hairstyles you have always dreamed of and can make you feel confident and glamorous.

If you have decided to try hair extensions for yourself, this article will help you understand why you should only use professional quality hair extensions products. You will also learn how to avoid wasting money on cheap products that are not only inferior but also dangerous to the health of your real hair.


What Types of Hair Extensions are Out There?

The most popular hair extensions are made from actual human hair or synthetic fibers that have been altered to resemble human hair. The kind of extensions that you decide to use will depend on your budget, personal preference, and how active you are on a daily basis.


What Are The Key Differences Between Human Hair And Synthetic Hair Extensions?

  •  The color and texture of human hair can be altered.
  • Matting and product buildup is rarely an issue because human hair is porous.
  • Human hair can have a long “shelf life” when it is handled with care.
  • The texture of synthetic hair can only be slightly altered.
  • The color of synthetic hair cannot be altered.
  • Detangling products have little effect on synthetic hair because it is not porous.


How Are Hair Extensions Added To Your Hair?

Human and synthetic hair can be added to your hair via the strand method, micro braids, tracks or sew-ins and clip-ins. The strand method and micro braiding method are arguably the most popular. More than 100 extensions or locks, if you choose to wear micro braids, may be required if you want full coverage. The trade off is that both methods provide wearers with more styling options. For example, your hair can be parted down the middle, diagonally or on either side without revealing your “secret.”

Tracks or wefts, which look like sheets of hair, are either sewn into your hair after it has been braided in a series of cornrows or attached to your hair with bonding solution. The weaving method, like the strand and micro braiding method, ensures that your hairpieces will stay put until you decide to have them removed. Sew-ins are also usually less time consuming than the other methods because larger pieces of hair are used. One drawback: you will have fewer styling options with this method due to the wefts. This is why tracks are usually just added to the back of the head unless customers prefer full coverage.

As suggested by the name, the clip-in method is the least time consuming. Hairpieces are literally clipped onto your hair and removed just as easily. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. For example, you will have limited styling options with clip-ins, and the pieces are less secure than those that are sewn in or bonded to your hair.


How much will it cost?

There is no definite answer. The final price will depend on the desired color, length, texture, quality, and volume of the hair extensions you decide to use.



Buy High-Quality, ‘100% Human Hair’ Extensions From Reliable Dealers

It would be wonderful if we lived in a world full of honest people. Unfortunately, we do not. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are dishonest people who are resorting to false advertising in an attempt to get a piece of the multi-billion dollar hair extension industry. For example, there have been reports of beauty supply merchants passing off hair from yaks, horses, and other animals as “100% human hair” and taking advantage of customers who aren’t professional beauticians and don’t know the difference. Some suppliers are also selling hair that was harvested from deceased humans, which may contain maggots, lice, or bacteria. Multiple reports of individuals becoming ill and even dying after purchasing hair pieces from questionable vendors is the number one reason why you should only purchase professional quality hair. By doing so, you can avoid buying overpriced hair that may not even be human hair and avoid putting your health at risk.

Professional quality hair has been inspected and sanitized prior to being sold to consumers, so the odds of you becoming ill while wearing the pieces are virtually nonexistent. It is also worth mentioning that you can extend the life of your tresses by having them installed by a trained stylist who can give you the look you want and teach you how to care for your hairpieces and your natural hair.

Use Only Professional Quality Hair Extension Care Products

Now that you know what to look for and what to avoid, you can confidently treat yourself to the hair of your dreams. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. You can go long and luxurious, short and sassy, or even opt for a new color as often as you like without damaging your hair, health, or wallet.



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