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Announcing Brand New SOCAP Original USA Hair Extensions Products


SOCAP Original® USA is excited to announce several new additions to our existing line of high quality, professional grade hair extensions and beauty products. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our 100% Natural Real Hair Extensions to every product that we offer. Amazing results and superior quality do not have to cost a fortune. Shop with SOCAP Original today to see where beautiful and believable are also affordable.

mascaraMascara “Make Up Hair”

Its soft texture covers new growth hair with an absolute natural effect.

The practical brush applicator and large 18ml package assure several easy applications.

Professional Temporary Hair Color Mascara Staying power up to two days Color washes out easily with shampoo Easy to apply: a convenient fine comb. Let’s you color a few strands of hair at a time High Quality, Effective Product: Does not stain skin, does not drip and works in just a few minutes. Check our introductory price.

hut brush dryerHot Brush Dryer

Hot Brush Drying & straightening hair brush good for all types and lengths of hair. Won’t damage hair or extensions like a flat iron. Get all of the power of a flat iron in a gentle styling brush.

Straighten Your Hair Extensions Safely And Effectively Without Any Risk Temperature setting guide included Digital temperature controller gives you the option to choose **which temperature, displayed on the LED screen, works for your hair type Dual voltage operation support: 110V~240V Control temperature **194F to 356F US safety plug, auto shut-off protection Socap Original USA’s. Special pricing.

handbag brushHandBag Brush

Extensions need to be brushed everyday to keep them healthy and looking their best. Nice design and convenient size make this brush durable enough to handle it every day and small enough for a woman’s purse.

Great For Everyone In The Family Regardless Of Age And Hair Type The perfect de-tangler for your hair extensions all day long For wet and dry hair You will love the vibrant colors: blue, red, white, black, or pink. Check out our introductory price.

infrahairInfraHair 3000

Latest Digital Temperature Control Hair Extension Machine Innovative, high efficiency hair extension fusion machine.

Double-edged heat technology allows a more effective melt of the keratin using a sensor to activate the emission of the heat waves only when required. This allows a quicker, easier, and more secure application of our natural SOCAP ORIGINAL USA hair extensions.

Supply Voltage: 110-220 V – 60 W. Check our special price.

A Brief Word About Our Commitment to Quality and Our Hair Extensions

NATURAL REMY’S HAIR®The hair used by SOCAP Original® to create our hair extensions is 100% natural and carefully selected from countries known for quality hair (Kazakhstan, India, and others in the best areas of the West).

Apart from acquiring the highest quality hair, SOCAP Original® certifies what working processes are performed on the hair in our laboratories: these consist of de-pigmentation and dyeing. The first processing stage, de-pigmentation, is important to note because we do not simply hide the color with bleaching. Rather, through highly advanced procedures and techniques, we remove the pigments from the hairs which better prepares them for dyeing.

Our selected colors can then take the place left empty by the original pigment in the dyeing stage. In this way, the integrity of the hair is not threatened, the scales maintain an excellent quality, and the result is remarkable and long-lasting – so much so that not even frequent shampooing will fade the color.

The Natural Remy’s Hair® treatment is a handmade manufacturing process. Any imperfections or inconsistencies in our real hair extensions in no way compromise the quality of the product and its total naturalness; they act as proof of our traditional, handcraft method – as real human hair contains imperfections and inconsistencies. We believe that choosing superior quality hair and using our proven treatment processes give us some of the best real hair extensions available anywhere. Try them yourself, we guarantee you won’t be dissapointed.

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