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3 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make With Hair Extensions


Sofia was sitting in a beautiful hotel suite waiting for her brides maids to arrive. She could not believe that the big day was tomorrow. So much planning had gone into this wedding and now it was finally here. It had gotten a little hectic recently, even with a wedding planner to help her there were so many details to remember and decisions to make. But she had it all worked out and everything was going to be perfect. She was excited to see her girlfriends for the first time since her bachelorette party last week.

Sofia heard their laughter in the hallway and padded across the plush carpet to the door. She pulled the door open and the girl’s laughter stopped instantly when they saw her new hair extensions. The looks on their faces told her that something was terribly wrong.

Every bride puts a great amount of time and energy into how they are going to look on their wedding day. You are not just going to be the center of attention on the big day, you are going to be in countless photographs and videos that you will view, share, and cherish for the rest of your life.

When it comes to how you look as a bride, even more important than your dress, your shoes, your jewelry and your make-up, is how you choose to wear and style your hair. Many of the women we’ve spoken to say they spent a year or more growing out their hair leading up to their wedding. But more and more brides tell us they are choosing to go with hair extensions.

Growing your hair out doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to look the way you want on your special day. Some women find their hair only grows to a certain length before starting to look thin and skimpy with split ends. Even if they grow it out over time and get regular trims along the way. Using hair extensions can give you whatever length you need to have the hair style you envision for your wedding day.

The best part about wearing hair extensions is that they don’t just give you added length; extensions can be used to add length, volume, and color to your hair. If your hair is fine or flat then extra volume is what you need. You can use layers of extensions to achieve excellent fullness and body. Hair extensions are also a chemical-free way to color your hair, adding highlights and lowlights without harsh bleaches or dyes.

Thinking about all of these advantages, it is no wonder that so many more brides are choosing to wear hair extensions. But if you decide to wear hair extensions at your wedding, you want to be sure that you do it right – there are a number of mistakes or blunders that can make your perfect hair-DO a hair-DON’T. Here are some of the biggest mistakes brides make with hair extensions.

Advice to Brides About Hair Extensions: Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes!

Don’t experiment with hair extensions for the first time at your wedding.

You don’t want your wedding to be the very first time you are ever wearing hair extensions. You want to have an idea of how they are going to look and feel, how many you need, and what it’s like to take care of them.

Don’t forget that you are also going to be wearing them during your honeymoon! You want to be accustomed to caring for and working with your extensions AFTER your big day too so you can take advantage of all of the fun styles they will allow on your honeymoon (and in those honeymoon pictures).

You should wear at least one set of hair extensions at least four to six months before your wedding so you can experience wearing them. You want to know how they work with your lifestyle and understand how to maintain them in your environment. And, you also want to have time to switch things up if needed.

You should get the set you are going to wear at your wedding at least a week or two before the big day. This gives you time to wash, cut, and color blend them. Do a test run of the style you’re going to wear a few days before the event and have someone take pictures from different angles so you can see how they really look from all sides.

Make sure your extensions are applied and styled correctly and professionally.

It is vital that the stylist doing your wedding hair has experience working with hair extensions. One of the most common causes of hair extension catastrophe is an inexperienced or lazy stylist doing a poor or sloppy application.

Quality hair extensions are not just ‘clip-and-go.’ To make sure they look their absolute best, you want a professional hairstylist to attach them and custom cut them to match your real hair. Hair extensions are intentionally created uniformly, with blunt ends which are supposed to be blended with the contours of your natural hair. This gives a seamless look that makes the extensions even more natural and believable.

Your wedding stylist will have the most success with clean, custom cut hair extensions which have been well applied. This will allow them to treat your hair and the extensions together with products and tools to give you whatever kind of style you desire.

Don’t Buy Cheap, Poor Quality Hair Extensions

Cheap hair extensions are much worst than no hair extensions at all. What good is having extensions in your hair if they look fake and thin? The whole point is for them to look and feel natural and add length and body to your natural hair.

Cheap hair extensions are usually made from low quality hair that is treated with harsh chemicals to give it a fake shine and gloss. They may have fillers of synthetic or animal hair, and they are often bleached to mask the pigment and color. The cuticles may not be intact and the hair goes in different directions. After a short time wearing them the hair starts to mat and tangle and must be repeatedly brushed out.

You don’t want to appear at your wedding, and in the photographs, with hair matting and frizzing from a set of cheap, budget hair extensions. Quality hair extensions do not have to cost a fortune and they are worth the extra money to have hair that looks natural and amazing.

SoCap Original USA – High Quality Real Hair Extensions

SoCap Original USA hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair from India. Our quality hair extensions have luxurious feels and respond perfectly to styling.

We use an innovative dying technique that gives you rich color without sacrificing the strength of the hair. Rather than bleaching, our process removes the pigment from the hair and replaces it with our dyes. So you get deep long-lasting color that’s strong and healthy looking.

Once in our laboratories, the hair is processed using our Natural Remys Hair System, which protects the integrity of the cuticle. It is tied before cutting so all of the strands are the same kind and color, with the cuticles going in the same direction from root to tip. The hair is then gently treated to preserve its health and vitality giving you soft, tangle free hair that is beautiful and believable.

If you are planning to wear hair extensions when you walk down the aisle, consider a set from our Elegance or Eclectica Lines. Contact us today if you have questions about which of our extensions would suit you best, or if you need a referral for an expert hair extension stylist in the Miami metro area.

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