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Special rates for Licensed hair dresser

100% Natural Remys Hair Extension


SOCAP Hair Extensions

SOCAP Original USA Hair Extensions are the best SOCAP hair extensions you can find on any hair extensions store online. If you are looking to buy SOCAP hair extensions and hair extensions accessories you will find our website to have one of the largest inventories and hair extension varieties.

We are one of the exclusive distributors for SOCAP products. Our customer service and fast shipping are what our clients like from us. 

Give us a try or subscribe to our discounts and promo codes that are sent to our loyal customers. We like to reward you for choosing SOCAP.

Browse through our main SOCAP hair extensions lines: Classic, Elegance, Eclectica, Brasilia and Adhexive.

If you are a professional hair dresser we welcome you to find out more information about our classes given in different cities in the United States.

SPECIAL OFFER for licensed hair dresser