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Loyalty program

We love our professional VIP members, and we're pleased to present them with even more rewards and savings all year round!

How the New Reward Points Work:

Earn points by making purchases:
For every dollar you spend, you'll receive 4 Reward points.

Earn points by writing reviews and/or rating products:
For every review you make or product you rate, you’ll receive 100 Reward points.

Earn points by "liking" our products:
For every product you “like”, you’ll receive 100 Reward points. You’ll only be able to “like” one product per day.

Reward points from purchases and "likes" will be granted automatically when orders are processed.
Reward points from reviews will be granted after it has been approved.

When you've earned 2,000 points you'll get an email notifying you that your points are now redeemable for $25 off your next purchase of $50 or more (excludes shipping).

You have one month to redeem your reward – there is no coupon or code so it's easy! Just click "Yes, I want to use my $25 off," and when it's used the account becomes $0. If the $25 reward is not used by the end of the 3rd month's period your account will also become $0.

This new way of earning points does not affect the your VIP Rewards Program, all the points are added up for the end of the year reward. This is just a new, easy way to gain more rewards all year long not just at the end!